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William Zipper - Far From Gemini - 12”

Preorder will starts today for this new release from AMD Records . Estimated to ship out this week.

AMD 174 - William Zipper - Far From Gemini - 12” - Limited edition of 100 copies only.


AFar From Gemini (Italo Disco Full Remix Manuel Rios)

B1Far From Gemini (Intro Mix Manuel Rios)

B2Far From Gemini (E.P. Version) This very hard to find sleeper has never been on vinyl before now! Additionally, it has undergone major construction/deconstruction by DJ extraordinaire, Manuel Rios, who has taken a great amount of care in creating two amazing remixes (both over 7 minutes!) for the original song, included here, which clocks in at just over 3 minutes. The "Italo Disco Full Remix" is completely DJ friendly with full intro beats, break at about 4:15 for easy in or out, mostly instrumental after the break, but the chorus comes in again before the end with very cool vocal overlays which also appear in the "Intro Mix". The latter has a softer pretty entrance before the beats come in, but very similar structure with a break around the same place being DJ friendly. The vocal overlays are more prominent in the "Intro Mix". Once again, the integrity of the original song has been preserved within the remixes with seemingly no additional production, which, when you listen to the original, you can tell must have taken quite a bit of time and effort my Mr. Rios. Kudos!! The hook on the chorus will remain with you as will some of the keyboard portions of the song. The vocal is uniquely distinct with an alternative flavor.

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