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Sunnyboy vs Cafe City

This song has been on many bootlegs in Mexico but now the official pressing is here and very limited. Get it at

Release date : April 17, 2020

Preorders starts now at

AMD 110 - Sunnyboy vs. Cafe City - On The Way - 12" Red vinyl. Limited edition of 100 copies only. No repress!

Outstanding debut 12" vinyl release from this exciting new and upcoming artist known as, Sunnyboy vs. Cafe City.

If you are a fan of beautifully produced, top notched new generation Italo disco or Euro disco then this new release was tailor made for you. Cool sounding male vocals which have a mysterious quality to them, rule on all four outstanding remixes contained here on this limited 12" vinyl release. Scintillating synthesizers pulsate throughout the mixes, combined with complex dance beats and rhythms.

The melody lines are completely intoxicating combined with a real killer chorus that is loaded with lots of infectious hooks at every turn. This new release comes with a gorgeous full picture sleeve & the record is pressed up on fiery red colored vinyl.

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