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Some updates

I hope everyone is doing well!

Happy April everyone! We are hoping to get the preorders in this month. Thank you so much for all your patience! The manufacturer has been busy since late last year. All preorders that are paid up will guaranteed you your copy.

In a few days from now I will start some preorders for a couple of AMD Records releases.

I also like to bring up about the shipping time and methods. We ship packages out via United States Postal Service . We ship either First Class International or Priority Mail . These are NOT registered mail!! register mail will require US$17 more . These are not prices made up by us but by the United States Postal Service ( All prices are listed there and if you have any questions please contact them. We do not guaranteed the transit time for packages sent out especially during this pandemic time . The packages can take up to three months. Also please read our rules for shipping as nothing is guaranteed after we provide the tracking number. If anyone wants their package insured please just text or email me. It’s not a problem. Please read the rules on our site as all informations are noted on the site regarding shipping cost and shipping time . Thank you very much.

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