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New releases from AMD Records next week….

Preorder starts today at . We expect to ship this record out next week.

AMD 170 - Romantic Avenue feat. Alimkhanova - Romantic Avenue - 12"


A1Romantic Avenue (Radio Version)

A2Romantic Avenue (Instrumental)

B1Romantic Avenue (Extended Version)

To sum up this new mid-tempo song in a word it would have to be 'majestic'! Driven by keyboards synths on various settings to mimic guitar and even saxophone at an instrumental break on the extended mix, the bass and percussion also move the song along. Very strong vocal hook on the chorus with assist from none other than AlimkhanOV A. with whom we are all familiar. The Radio and Instrumental versions compliment the Extended version for those DJs who may want to get a little more creative with the song. Wonderful return for this young project! Don't let this disappear without getting yours!

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