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New AMD Release available for ordering …

Preorders starts today at

Audio sample : 

AMD 176 - Heaven42 - Take Me To Marrakech - 12” baby blue vinyl. 


A1Take Me To Marrakech (Mexican Remix)

B1Take Me To Marrakech (Extended Remix)

B2Take Me To Marrakech (Radio Edit)

New from Heaven42 an exciting mid-tempo item that is going to blow your socks off!  There are 2 mixes of this truly Italo Disco style soon-to-be classic.  Both have beautiful instrumentation and are quite different in the bass and rhythm department, but identical with the many vocal hooks and instrumental vamps!  The 'Mexican Remix' is very exciting and will have your attention quickly after the cold instrumental intro as the bassline begins bouncing along very infectiously.  Strong female vocals dominate and on the chorus the hook will soon remain with you as it comes around again and again on both remixes.  The 'Extended Remix' also has a unique intro and different, but still very strong bassline complimented and driven along with a keyboard riff.  The big surprise in these mixes is the secondary vocal hook or vamp behind the main vocal hook on the chorus which is gonna make many of you 'flip-out'!  'Yalla Habibi' which fits perfectly with the theme of the song!  (You can look up the meaning and also look up where 'Marrakech' is located if you don't already know!)  After hearing this it will be a wonder if there are any left after the first day!

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