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New AMD release

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AMD 194 - Gardann / Valo Mfire - Made In Mexico - 12" Orange vinyl EP. Limited edition of 100 copies only!!

Audio Samples :

Track listing :

A1 Gardann– No Body (Brayan Master Mix) Intro Version

A2 Gardann– No Body (Brayan Master Mix) Extended Version

B1 Valo Mfire– After Love (Brayan Master Mix) Intro

B2 Valo Mfire– After Love (Brayan Master Mix) Extended Version

Here we are treated to two new artist projects! Gardann with female vocals, and Valo Mfire with male vocals. Two great songs introduced on a single vinyl! Starting with Gardann, "No Body", this is a mid-tempo and in a somber vein. The "Intro Version" begins with some vocal and an underlying percussion that will go throughout the song, then we get some vocal vamp and the rest of the bass and rhythm come in followed by the main keyboard melody that you will remember. The song is in moderately accented English. The "Extended Version" begins with DJ friendly 64 beat intro before we get some keyboard and vocal vamps and then just the normal chord progressions for a few bars before the keyboard melody and then the vocal verses come in. Both versions have the same long break (128 beats) at the 5-minute mark and top out at over 7 minutes.

On Valo Mfire, this is also a mid-tempo song but is more upbeat, on the "Intro Version", we first hear the strong male vocal, followed by percussion and keyboard melody introducing the song along with the bass line and then the lower end keyboard vamps layered in. Very nice! The voice comes back in with Spanish vocals which seem to mix with English a little on the chorus. Strong hook for the male vocal on the chorus here. The "Extended Version" give you a 64-beat intro before the remaining percussion and keyboard, same structure as the "Intro Version". There may be a bit more production in this mix which is very smooth all the way through. Vocal hooks are memorable. Neither of the versions on this song have a break, per se, but should not be difficult to get in or out of for the experienced DJ. All mixes are credited to Brayan Master Mix who also wrote all of the music for both projects. Getting two songs with full mixes on a single 12" is a rarity! Be sure to get your limited edition copy before it disappears!

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