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New AMD release

Here is AMD Records next release

AMD 193 - Luzan - No Queda Nada - 12" Orange vinyl - 100 copies only!

Audio samples


A1 No Queda Nada (Intro Version)

A2 No Queda Nada (Radio Version)

B1 No Queda Nada (Extended Version)

B2 No Queda Nada (Instrumental Version)

We are always happy to hear the very pretty voice of Luzan. This new mid to up-beat banger will be a welcome addition to your collection. The 'Intro' Mix begins with bare keyboards and then some percussion before the keyboard melody and main rhythm and percussion kick in. Luzan's voice is unmistakable, and the chorus hook is catchy and memorable. Keyboard hooks come back every so often and are very welcome. The 'Extended' Mix begins with DJ friendly beats before the keyboard melody and rhythm/percussion come in. Very similarly with the vocal coming in quickly with the verses and memorable chorus hook. There is a DJ friendly break after the 4-minute mark on both this mix and the 'Intro' Mix (both mixes top out at over 7 minutes). There are 'Radio' and 'Instrumental' Mixes available for the creative DJ's or if you can find a radio station to play this genre of music. Great song even if you are new to the voice of Luzan! Don't miss it!

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