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New AMD release

Preorder starts today . We are expecting this record first week of November.

AMD 182 - Electro Potato - Shotgun Remixes - 100 only - Yellow vinyl

Audio samples :

Track listings

A1 Original Sextended Version

A2 Manuel Rios Remix

B1 Massive Bulge Mix

B2 Celina's Intro

B3 Space-X Mix

The new release by Electro Potato is at a mid-tempo and very DJ friendly. It's also very melodic with great keyboards right from the beginning and has a playful feel to it as you will tell from the names on the mixes. The vocal is very masculine and commanding throughout these mixes. First is the 'Original Sextended Version' with a friendly DJ beats intro and nice break just after the 3-minute mark. Great keyboards on the melody hook that will stay with you. Next is the 'Manuel Rios Remix' with a very nice keyboard intro followed by 64 beat DJ friendly drum intro and even more welcome instrumental layering. Vastly different feel with different production and keyboards, but the same melodic hooks and we have the great vocals come in with some additional vocal frills and decorations. A wonderful mix to juxtapose with the originals. Next, we have the 'Massive Bulge Mix' (Hey you! Stop laughing! Right now, I say!!). This has to be the most playful of the mixes from the beginning is still very DJ friendly, but the percussion takes more of an important role. Also, the use of some well-placed vocal moans helps to bring this one home. We still have the great keyboard hooks on both the verses and the chorus and main melody throughout the mix. Also, some vocoder thrown in here. This mix should drive your crowd into a frenzy! The last mix is the 'Space-X Mix' which is prefaced be 'Celina's Intro'. The intro is a fitting instrumental which mysteriously introduces this last mix. The keyboards take center stage here from the beginning along with vocoder taking on the vocal role throughout the mix. Very nice driving bassline along with the scissor like percussion. Great DJ friendly beats outro. All mixes by DJ Potato (except for the Manuel Rios). The music and lyrics are signed off to Sandor Mate. Don't forget the cheeky jacket artwork to go along with this fun and playful release.

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