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New AMD release

Preorder starts today at

We will have the record next week .

To hear :

AMD 189 - Marc Fruttero - Lunatic - 12” yellow vinyl. Limited edition of 100 copies only!


A Lunatic (Extended Version)

B1 Lunatic (Radio Edit)

B2 Lunatic (Instrumental Dub

Those fans of Marc Fruttero will be very happy with this release. "Lunatic" is a wonderful mid to up-tempo Italo Disco song with extraordinary melodies throughout. From the opening instrumental hooks carrying through to the verses and the chorus. Also, very DJ friendly from the beginning and with a break around 4 and a half minutes. The lyrics of the song are almost hypnotic. Those hearing this for the first time may not realize that this song has been polished up very nicely and was first released by the artist 'Gazebo' a generation ago, and who was one of the original writers of the song. His vocals were eerily similar, and the song was very much up-tempo compared to the other Italo Disco being released at that time. The A-side contains 'Anton Orlov's Extended Version' which has been described here. The B-side contains 'Alexander Bez Radio Edit' which tops out at 5'25" which most DJs would have no problem working with. There is also an 'Instrumental - Dub Mix' completely void of the vocals which creative DJ's will find useful. All re-arrangements are credited to Anton Orlov. Backing vocals by none other than AlimkhanOV A. You will not find any more clean or smooth production than on this release! Even the jacket is amazing! Don't miss out!

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