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New AMD release

Preorder starts today at We are hoping to ship this record out by Thursday July 13.

AMD 191 - Erika Diaz feat. Lomeli - Atrevete A Comtemplar - 12” Green vinyl . Limited edition of 100 copies only.

Audio samples :

Track list

A1 Atrevete A Contemplar (Master Full Remix Manuel Rios) 2023

A2 Atrevete A Contemplar (Club Mix 2023)

B1 Atrevete A Contemplar (Ian Coleen Version)

AMD Records brings you another new artist, Erika Diaz, with a strong mid-tempo Hi-NRG track for the summertime! We are familiar, though, with the songwriters, Lomeli and Ian Coleen, while Erika provided the lyrics. Translated from the original Spanish, the title means 'Dare To Contemplate', a provocative title that makes us wonder about the rest of the song! There are 3 long versions on the record and a radio version as well. All 3 of the long versions feel as though they have completely different productions and instrumentation, but there is no mistaking that the song is the same. Erika's vocals are solid throughout each of the versions. The "Master Full Remix Manuel Rios" gives us keyboards and vocals as an introduction before the percussion (we love the cowbell) and bassline take over and drive the rest of the song for the most part. Nice keyboard hook in the beginning. The "Version Club Mix" starts with an instrumental chord and vocal flourish before we get 32 basic beats of drums and cowbell before bringing in the familiar keyboard hook and vocals. Keyboards sound only a little different and there are some vocal maneuverings that have taken place. The bass is heavier throughout this version. On the "Ian Coleen Version" after a very brief vocal flourish we get a nice 32 beats of bass drum before the rest of the percussion, bassline and vocal hook are added in. Keyboards sound completely different but are the same melodic hook. Overall, this version has a heavier feel to it, and has a very nice DJ friendly 'Outro'. All of the long versions have a DJ friendly break about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way through. Waste no time in placing your orders!

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