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Milano 84 - Monochromatic EP vinyl & CD

Milano 84 is the italopop musical project by Fabio Di Ranno and Fabio Fraschini, authors, musicians and producers who play with iconic and transversal elements of the Italian 80s to bring them closer to contemporary taste.

The six songs of this 12” define style and influences: “Milano, l’amore” is the song that all fans of the 80s did not know they wanted: romantic, elegant but with sweaty bpm. “Fanatic” is a modern classic, which takes the Italo disco and transports it into the future. New wave echoes characterize “Suspiria on TV”, “Awesome” lights up the sound of Milano 84 with sunny colors, “Play” flirts with the elegant italian synthpop and cinematic suggestions. “Lola”, finally, is a homage to Krisma and to the sign that their music and their creativity has left: a hit revived with love and new sounds that closes “Monochromatic”, quality songs for italopop hearts.

Numerous featurings embellish the 12”: from the queen of the new Italo disco Killme Alice, who interprets “Milano, l’amore” and “Awesome”, to Vanessa Elly and Laura Serra who add soul and charm shades to the groove of “Fanatic” and “Play”. “Suspiria on TV” sees the elegant participation of Eleonora Cardellini and Gianluca Divirgilio. The voice of Eugene, electro songwriter this year on tour with Garbo and Gazebo, gives “Lola” refinement and passion.

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