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MC Brian - Loving You Forever - 12”

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AMD 163 - MC Brian - Loving You Forever - 12” colored vinyl. Limited to 100 copies only!

Track listing :

ALoving You Forever (AMD Full Hard Version Manuel Rios)B1Loving You Forever (Mix 1)B2Loving You Forever (Mix 2) As summer is arriving, we have another hard-to-find nugget from MC Brian. This was originally on the short-lived but much loved "High Energy" Italian label. Our friend, Manuel Rios Herrera has done it again with a fantastic remix clocking in at just a little over a minute longer than the original (Mix 1) entitled "AMD Hard Full Version"! This new mix is now completely DJ friendly with intro beats for easy access and there is a clean break around the 6-minute mark before going into a smooth instrumental for the last minute and final fade. Again, the integrity of the original song has not been compromised in this wonderful new mix! Mix 2, as on the original 12", is the instrumental version. This song is an example (one of many) that withstands the test of time due to great keyboards and chorus hooks which is what we have come to expect from the best Italo Disco dance music!

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