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Happy new year 2021

I like to wish each and every one of you a happy healthy 2021! Please continue to stay safe! Many thanks for all your support for this one crazy pandemic year. We have planned many releases for 2021 and the first release of the year will be announced shortly... stay tuned!

I also want to update you guys about the shipments for the past , present and the future... as you all know this year has been one crazy year. The Post Office received more than their usual shares of packages being domestic or overseas. Some of you have been tracking your shipment and it shows that it’s at a airport in New York City or other airport terminals. This does not mean it’s lost , it’s just that they have so many packages to ship and it’s just waiting until the next available plane going out. This year has tried all our patience and I ask that you guys have a little more patience as 2021 will be better ....

Thank you all for your continued supports and friendships!



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