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AMD 157 - Alimkhanova - Crazy Summer Nights - 12”

Track listing:

A1Crazy Summer Nights (Extended)

A2Crazy Summer Nights (Radio Edit)

B1Battle Cry

B2Crazy Summer Nights (Instrumental)

Summer themes for the summertime! This mid-tempo modern Italo Disco song, "Crazy Summer Nights", has great traditional bass and percussion with tim-toms driving it, but the synths and, of course, the very warm vocals that we've come to love are all in the 'new generation' style! The verse lyrics indicate "no face book and no insta gram...". Hmm...not sure we can live with that, but the 'tongue in cheek' is very well intended! The chorus is absolutely crazy with double hooks, or two hooks back-to-back! The vocal overlays (background vocals) are all from the main artist making them extremely smooth! How can anyone resist? So appropriate for the season. The Extended is friendly enough for the DJ and there are Radio and Intrumental versions to assist for creativity. The B-side track, "Battle Cry", is a fitting accompaniment and also very danceable. The lyrics are very meaningful with great hooks as well. This could easily make it on radio, or with some creativity could be crafted into another dance track. All songwriting from the same artist as the recently released "Romantic Avenue", Silviu Haloiu, and mixing/arrangements by Alexander Bez. Wonderful release!

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