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Another new release from AMD record coming this week …

Preorder starts today at (We are expecting to ship the record out this week)

AMD 154 - Apolo - Once Again - 12"


A1Once Again (Vocal Intro)

A2Once Again (Radio Edit)

B1Once Again (Super Extended)

B2Once Again (Instrumental)

New from Apolo, great energy starting off strong with the beats and a rolling bass and keyboards propelling it towards the haunting vocals! There are two long mixes here, the "Vocal intro" giving you a bit of the keyboards and a vocal tease as the rolling bass introduces the beats that carry you throughout the song. The "Super Extended" mix jumps right into the beats and the rolling bass and keyboards straightaway. Structurally, both mixes are similar and give you a break around the 5-minute mark but without losing the percussion beats. Apolo's vocal fits the lyrics appropriately on this minor key powerhouse. The keyboards are wonderful in both a strong and pleasant hook as well as properly placed flourishes throughout the song. Radio and Instrumental versions are included for those DJs who wish to be additionally creative. Especially for those that love the moody and melodic energy dance music you don't want to miss this one!

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