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AMD 187 - Cosmic Siren - I Want Out - 12” red vinyl

Preorders starts today at

AMD 187 - Cosmic Siren - I Want Out - 12" Red vinyl - Limited edition of 100 copies only!

Audio samples :


A1I Want Out (Original Mix)

A2I Want Out (Beat Start Mix)

B1I Want Out (Instrumental Mix)

B2I Want Out (Halfway Acapella Mix)

For latest new release we present the new artist, Cosmic Siren, with a production that will surely excite even the most critical ears.  Music is signed off to Digimax while vocals and lyric are from Cosmic Siren herself.  From the opening of the "Original Mix" with the synths, the beats and then the keyboard hook, you will be transported back to the late 80's.  This is mid-to-uptempo and going to remind you very much of just about anything that was produced by Michiel Van Der Kuy that was on the Hotsound and Infinity labels and so much of the sounds that were coming from the Netherlands and Belgium in those days.  The female vocal is strong and the chorus hook is memorable.  Complemented greatly with a several very moog-sounding keyboard hook/vamps throughout the song.  The bassline and drumbeats are constant and relentless just as you will remember!  DJ friendly break around 4:20. The "Beat Start Mix" is very similar with a synth announcement before a DJ friendly beats intro.  Just about everything else is nearly the same with only a little structure change later in the song.  DJ friendly break is around 4:30. The "Instrumental" and "Halfway Acapella" Mixes will be useful and fun for the DJ's.  Thankfully, the moog-like synth hooks are included on the "Acapella" which could make for some creative mixing.  This is an outstanding song and release for a new artist!  Don't miss it!

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