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AMD 184 - Lori - Rain Or Shine - 12” yellow vinyl

AMD 184 - Lori - Rain Or Shine - 12" Yellow vinyl - Limited edition of 100 copies 



A1Rain Or ShineA2Pioggia e ArgentoB1Llueva O NoB2Jumping On The Bass

The artist, Lori, is Italian singer Loretta , a fixture of several styles of popular music.  This new limited-edition item we are releasing first came about several years ag0 but has never been available except for file format.  The song comes in English, Italian and Spanish language versions!  This is a mid-tempo Hi-NRG style number with a very much retro feel to it.  The song is driven along very heavily by the bassline.  The keyboard hook will stick with you pretty quickly as well. This limited edition of 100 copies only comes in yellow vinyl.  

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