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AMD 180 - Preorder starts today

We just got words from the manufacturer that this record is on its way to us from Europe. We hope to have it this week or next...

Available for preorder at

Audio samples :

AMD 108 - Marc Fruttero - Look In My Heart - 12" colored vinyl. Limited edition of 100 only!


A1. Look In My Heart (Extended Version)

A2. Look In My Heart (Radio Edit)

B1. Miracle Of Love

B2. Look In My Heart (Instrumental Version)

We are always happy to have new music and releases to offer from Marc Fruttero! This new release offers 2 songs, the first of which is a track from his most recent album, "Miracle". The "Extended Version" of Look In My Heart" begins with no less than 3 distinct and unique keyboard hooks that are revisited throughout the song. Strong alternating octave bassline and drum beats drive this Italo future classic as we are finally treated to Marc's lush vocals. The chorus hook is a real earworm and will remain with you well after you've moved on to other songs. There is a short break (32 beats) just before the 5-minute mark, but otherwise most DJs will need to be creative with this one at nearly 8 minutes in duration. There are a "Radio Edit" and "Instrumental Version" included which are significantly shorter and have very little structural difference from the "Extended Version". Music, arrangements and mixing credits are to Anton Orlov, with Lyric by Anton Orlov & Marc Fruttero. The bonus song, Miracle Of Love appeared as far back as his first album, "In My Dreams", and in several other appearances/mixes, up to and including the newest album, "Miracle". From the beginning of this song the vocals are front and center and drive the song all the way through. This is mid to up-tempo Italo classic disco. Great supporting bassline and percussion. The lyrics and storytelling within them are wonderful. Keyboards on this song take a supporting role as part of the rhythm section since the vocals do the majority of the heavy lifting on this one. DJs will, again, need to be creative to include this in their sets. This is a wonderful and important release for fans of Marc Fruttero and may gain a few new fans if you hear these songs! This could be gone before you know it!

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