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AMD 177 - Victor Ark - Satellite - Coming this week!

Finally the releases are slowly coming in this week and next week. First up is ....

AMD 177 - Victor Ark - Satellite - 12" Cream Green - Limited edition of 100 copies only.

Audio samples :


A1Satellite (Extended Mix)

A2Satellite (Radio Version)

B1Blind Love (Gerson Tellez Remix)

B2Blind Love (Italo Disco Remix)

New releases from Victor Ark are always welcome and always awaited with anxious anticipation!  There is practically no need to even make any description of his releases since they have become so dependably enjoyable and desired!  However, for those that might not be familiar let us tell you about this release.  A wonderful 'double A-side' with the first song being a new song, “Satellite”.  The song begins with classical sounding instrumentation on the keyboards and some female vocal flourishes, before a very quick paced drumbeat is introduced.  Female vocals take the lead through the song and on the chorus hook which is very strong.  As with the previous release (and new mixes here of), “Blind Love”, the female vocal is uncredited, but is doing a great performance and we love hearing her again.  As with the original release of "Blind Love" this song is very fast and has a rock-style feel to it.  Very cool!  The second song, “Blind Love”, gets two new mixes here.  Both are now much more dance floor accessible and are Italo disco style but couldn't be more different in their re-creation!  “Gerson Tellez Remix" is a mid-tempo re-production which has just enough additional keyboards and percussion to fit it into the genre.  It also seems to be very DJ friendly giving you a short 32 beats at the beginning, although there is quite a bit more instrumental before any vocal comes in, and then a break of nearly 64 at the 4:15 mark.  The ending is a rather instrumental fade.  The "Italo Disco Remix" (by Pedro Jimenez) is a down-tempo classic 'old-school' Italo style beat.  But used the song in the other direction so that it is sped up faster than the original, creating a different feel and energy altogether!  This also required additional production for just about everything from bassline, percussion, and some of the keyboards.  Amazing remixes!  Great reworkings for what was already a great song!  We have said before that Victor Ark never disappoints and here, we have more proof!  We would expect this to sell very quickly as have all other releases by this artist.

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