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AMD 167 - Luzan - Sin Dolor - 12” vinyl. Limited of 100 copies

I am opening up the preorders for this release today. You may order it at

🚨Estimated shipping date of April 19, 2022. 🚨

AMD 167 - Luzan - Sin Dolor - 12" Marbled vinyl . Limited edition of 100 copies only!

A1 Sin Dolar (Intro)

A2 Sin Dolar (Radio Version)

B1 Sin Dolar (Extended Version)

B2 Sin Dolar (Instrumental Version)

Great return of Luzan for 2022 and perfect timing coming into Spring with this strong upbeat NRG Italo song! Music by Brayan Master Mix on this brand-new number. Where does he get those melodies from? We love Luzan's voice and the hooks on the chorus are just insane, especially with the electronic manipulations! Fantastic keyboards throughout as well along with a driving bottom and bassline keeping the NRG alive! Structurally, the mixes are very similar. The Intro mix is great for a cold intro, but easy enough to work with for the seasoned DJs. The Extended Version starts off front and center with the exciting tim-toms which are present in all of the mixes and continuous throughout. Both of the long mixes have breaks for DJ comfort. The Instrumental is identical to the Extended Version without the vocal. If only we had radio stations that were not beholden to the major labels, we could feed them great songs like this one and have more diversity about us! Surely, people would be calling in to find out where they could obtain it! Don't snooze or you lose on this one!

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