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AMD 164 - Johnny Ex - There Is Love In The Heart Of The City - available soon.

Preorders starts now at

Estimated arrival on April 29,2020

AMD 164 - Johnny Ex - There Is Love In The Heart Of The City - 12" vinyl. Limited edition of 100 copies only.


A1 Extended Classic Mix

A2 SRPB Remix

B1 Classic Remix

B2 Classic Instrumental Mix

Just in time for Spring the Johnny Ex project has brand new music in the form of a classic Italo piece! Very pleasing and pretty with the familiar vocals by Evgeny Semakin as on the last release. He also wrote the lyrics and helped write the song with Alexander Bez who did all of the mixes as well. Conveniently enough this begins with the Classic Remix that gives you the enticing melody via keyboards and via some brief guitar riffs, too. The bassline and rhythm keyboards simulating some brass help to drive the song and are very subtle creating such a smooth, pleasant mix! The SRPB Remix gives you a few more guitar riffs as you move through the song. The bottom/bass feel a little heavier as well giving it just slightly more pop/rock edge. Great remix! The Original Remix is very interesting in that it could easily be a radio mix or edit, and has been retooled with a much busier bass line and no guitar riffs (!!), but plenty of keyboard which seems to bring the simulated brass riffs more to the front and center. Another great reworking of the same song keeping the same tempo and same melodies throughout!

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