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AMD 160 - Italobox - I Believe

Great news! The vinyl GOD have rewarded us with another release coming next week.

Preorders starts at

AMD 160 - Italobox - I Believe - EP - Limited edition of 100 copies only!


A1I Believe (Maxi Mix)

A2I Believe (Radio Mix)

B1I Sing For Only You (Extended Mix)

B2I Know (Extended Version)

A very welcome return for Italobox with an exciting EP! You get three (!!!) brand new upbeat Italo Disco songs on this release! Wow! The title piece, "I Believe", will have you dancing very quickly with the infectious bouncy beats and bass line. Great keyboard and vocal hooks bring this one home as they blend smoothly with the upbeat lyrics and intent of the song. Subtle female vocals accompany the main male voice. "I Sing Only For You" has very strong keyboards driving the song which are very familiar sounding, invoking memories of the northern European Hi-NRG songs of 'yester-year'. Heartfelt vocals with memorable hook in a sort of moody setting but the energy is still present with driving bass and great percussion as well. Perhaps saving the best for last? (but that would be highly debatable with 3 great new songs), "I Know" can, at least, be called 'the surprise', as it is crafted in a wonderfully different manner! It starts cold with beautiful piano melody that reoccurs throughout the song but quickly the synths and a driving beat take over and we are right up to speed. The vocals, both male and female accompaniment are poignant to perfection with the lyrics on this song. The hooks from the keyboards and especially the reoccurring piano vamp will remain with you. Very strong and truly beautiful! This EP is not to be missed!

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