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AMD 158 - Minor Deities - Avantgarde Futuriste

We are starting preorder for this release today at

AMD 158 - Minor Deities - Avantgarde Futuriste" 12" white vinyl. 

To hear audio samples : 


A. Avantgarde Futuriste (12 Inch Mix)

B . Avantgarde Futuriste

We have a new project called "Minor Deities" made up of artists and songwriters, Ricardo Campa & Conrad Kaneshiro who have been involved with many other projects for at least a decade!This bold new song is entitled "Avantgarde Futuriste".  The song is downtempo in a relaxing dance range.  From the beginning there is a beautiful layering effect of percussion and bass as it heads toward the keyboard theme that will carry throughout the song.  The male vocal alternates Spanish or Latin lyrics in the verses with French lyrics in the chorus which makes for great interest to those multi-lingual fans.  The chorus has a strong hook and will remain with you after the song has finished.  The 12" mix has the beats at the beginning and end for DJs easy access.  There is also a single mix for anyone that might want to get creative.  The record will be on limited edition white vinyl!

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