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AMD 156 - Luzan & Veluz - Fire - 12” vinyl

Preorders starts now at It will ship out next week.

AMD 156 - Luzan & Veluz - Fire - 12” vinyl Tracklists A1Fire (Extended)

A2Fire (Original Mix

B1Fire (Intro)

B2Fire (Instrumental) Luzan and Veluz together cannot make a better combination for this new powerhouse! The voices are nearly indistinguishable and fit together perfectly as they trade verses and blend together on this very HOT new Hi NRG release! The timing couldn't be any better for a song called "Fire" as the heat will be turned way up on your dance floor or your living room or your car or listening area of choice! Aside from the title, the remaining lyrics are in Spanish which make the song all the more desirable with the strong melodic hooks throughout. The keyboards are inviting and strong, but the vocals are what drive this song! There are 4 mixes here with one being the Instrumental. Of the 3 vocal mixes the structure is overall similar but not the same. Brayan Mastermix wrote the incredible music. Both the Extended and Intro mixes are the most DJ accessible, the former beginning by going first right into the beats along with keyboards and vocal hooks before jumping to the main verses. The Intro puts the vocal and instrumental portion at the beginning for about 30 seconds before jumping into the beats and then the verses. Both give a rather instrumental break just after 4 minutes. The Original mix is structured a little differently but is easy enough to access and has the same amount of Hi NRG as the other mixes. It makes for a nice juxtaposition. All mixes clock in at well over 6 minutes. This HOT number was truly meant for the summertime! If you blink you will miss this one!

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