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AMD 149 - Johnny Ex - Perm By Night - 12” blue vinyl

preorder starts today at

AMD 149 - Johnny Ex - Perm By Night - 12" Blue vinyl. Limited edition of 100 copies only!

Tracklist A1Perm By Night (Radio Mix)

A2Perm By Night (Original Mix)

B1Perm By Night (Extended Mix)

B2Perm By Night (Instrumental Mix)

Fans of the traditional Italo-disco will most likely fall in love with this one. All of the components are present from the beat and bouncing bassline, very melodic hook, extremely pleasant and barely accented male vocal and especially the very pretty keyboards complimenting the melody and the voice throughout the song. Go straight to the Extended Mix for the full treatment! This song is upbeat and in a major key...a real earworm! By the way, this comes to us from Russia and "Perm" is one of their cities. So how long have they been hiding these incredible male vocalists from us anyways? Perhaps we have to ask Alexander Bez who helped to produce this number. This one could go fast! You can hear clips here :

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