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AMD 127 - Brando - Rainy Day - 12” brown vinyl

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AMD 127 - Brando - Rainy Day - 12" Brown vinyl

Track list:

A1. Rainy Day (Original 12" Version)

A2. Rainy Day (Hysteric Edit)

A3. Rainy Day (Original 7" Version)

B1. Rainy Day (Electro Potato Remix)

B2. Rainy Day (7" Instrumental)

B3. Rainy Day (Hong Kong Remix)

A wonderful reissue from nearly 40 years ago. Originally from the Memory Records imprint is "Brando" with "Rainy Day". The song had a catchy hook as it was, but now with 2 brand new mixes with current production enhancements this gem is now rejuvenated to a higher level! The new mix by Hysteric remains faithful to the original while adding new excitement with the production! The Electro Potato mix makes this sound almost like a new song without removing any of its original mood or intent! Both mixes are great and serve to show just how relevant this song remains alongside the original mix which has also been remastered for the best sound quality! Included are the very difficult to find 7" Instrumental and Hong Kong Remix)You can't go wrong with this one!

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