AMD 120 & AMD 121 coming soon!!

So we have 2 releases for the end of 2020. Estimate release date : December 9, 2020. Preorders starts now and from all the anticipations these will likely sell out fast .

AMD 120 - Exciting Valence - Here I Am - 12” purple/yellow cornetto effect.

This is a great collaboration between Manuel Rios Herrera and Exciting Valence ! Both together makes great italo / synthpop style songs that will make you want to get the dance floor. This 12” comes with 4 tracks .

A1. Here I Am (Extended Remix 80s Style)

A2. Stars (Re-Work Extended)

B1. It’s My Life (Italo Disco Extended)

B2. Here I Am (Flavour To the 80s Remix)

AMD 121 - Aero Cool & Music Lady - A Csillagok Közé - 12” deep purple vinyl

This is a beautiful song about forbidden love sung in Hungarian done in a very 80s italo disco style. Included in this 12” are 4 remixes of the title song which by the way means Among The Stars ⭐️

A1. A Csillagok Közé (Heavy Hexagon Mix)

A2. A Csillagok Közé (Cheesy Digital Mix )

B1. A Csillagok Közé (New Vintage Mix)

B2. A Csillagok Közé (2014 Demo Mix)

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