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New AMD release

AMD 105 - Italobox "Love Song/Never Imagined" 12" electric blue vinyl. Limited edition of 100 copies only. No repress. We expect to have this release next week . Preorders starts today at Italobox (real name Klajko Lajos) makes a triumph return in 2020 with his exciting followup to his big hit, "You Are Everything" (AMD records). This latest release is back to back hits, with both the A side & B side songs equally as strong. "Love Song" kicks off the party in high style. Lovely synths sweep across beds of powerful beats & pulsating synth patterns. Beautiful heartfelt vocals which are quite endearing take charge of this mesmerizing production. "Love Song" combines the best elements of new generation Euro disco & blends in ingredients of old school Italo Disco. "Never Imagined" on the B side is equally as spectacular as "Love Song". Hypnotic male vocals blend nicely with pretty backing female vocals which kind of reminds me of the sound of 1980s German group Bad Boys Blue. Infectious beds of highly textured dance beats gallop along at a steady toe tapping pace with a killer sing a long to chorus to top everything off. Don't miss this limited 12" electric blue colored vinyl release. Its truly amazing!! 

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