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Digitalo - Australia -12” light blue vinyl will be available Oct 25, 2019.

AMD 097 - Digitalo - Australia - 12" light blue vinyl. Limited edition of 100 copies only. No repress!! Tracklist A1 Australia (Original Version) A2 Australia Feat. Helga Weaver (Deep House Version) B1 Australia (Italo Disco Version) B2 Australia (Italo Disco Extended Version) Available for ordering at . The record will ship out on Oct 30, 2019. Digitalo is a Russian based artist who specialize in electronic, Italo disco new generation style. They enlisted the help of the talented up & coming singer, Helga Weaver to help out on the vocals. All the remixes contained on this limited 12" record pressing have a real bold 80s Italo disco meets 2019 new generation euro disco flare. Mesmerizing synths fill the mixes here, along with outstanding male & female vocals. There are lovely uplifting piano keys that weave through out the mixes & the chorus has a real uplifting anthem-like quality to it. This 12" record is pressed in a light blue colored vinyl. 

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