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AMD 200 - Vision Talk - Tarar I Regn - 12" Black/Red color in color vinyl.

AMD 200 - Vision Talk - Tårar i Regn - 12" Black/Red - color in color vinyl. Limited edition of 100 copies only!!

Preorders starts now at First come first served!! We expect to sell this out fast!!

Tracklist Side A A1 Tårar i Regn A2 Tårar i Regn (Extended Krille Remix) A3 Tårar i Regn (Extended Krille Edit)

Side B

B1 Little Robot B2 Little Robot (Krille Remix) B3 Little Robot (Krille Edit)

To hear a sample track:

AMD Records' first release (AMD 001) was a 7" Vision Talk release that Krister and I had planned. It was extremely limited at 30 copies and were signed by Krister himself. We did a lathe cut for this release and the sound qualities didn't come out too well. This was back in 2015. Our second release dedicated to Krister's lifelong musical work was for Vision Talk's Tears Of Rain. (AMD 100) on blue color vinyl back in 2018. With the support of Krister's brother Thomas Petersson and other members of Vision Talk.Coming out in late October will be a re-release (AMD 200) of the Tårar Av Regn originally released on a 7" clear vinyl. This time it will include the original versions and updated extended mix / edit versions for both songs. Many thanks goes out Manuel Rios Herrera for his talented mixing skills. I like to also thank Linton Rubino for giving us the permission to make this a reality. We also learned that the correct title is "Tårar I Regn"

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