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Soulya ID - When You Call My Name - 12 red vinyl . Limited edition of 100 copies only!

SOULYA ID is well-known among italo disco fans for her warm, melodic voice and magnificent songwriting for artists like D. WHITE (One Wish, Follow Me, etc), NEA! (Puppy Love) etc. Many of her songs have already been included in various italo new generation collections and she is currently performing live shows in Russia together with artists like D. WHITE and DIGITALO. The idea for this maxi single came up to my mind immediately when I first listened to these lovely tracks, which come with the signature of MASTER OF DREAMS. A really pleasant listen for all fans of 80s italo disco, "When you call my name" and "Only you and me" songs have already entered the list of the most beautiful italo new generation songs ever! Tracklist and release info: Side A 1. When You Call My Name (Extended) 2. When You Call My Name (Extended Instrumental) 3. When You Call My Name (Minimal Extended) Side B 1. Only You And Me (Extended) 2. Only You And Me (Extended Instrumental) - Limited to 100 copies in transparent red vinyl  

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