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AMD 085 - Starcrew 84 featuring Mirko Hirsch - Alone - 12" magenta & aqua blue vinyl.

Shipping out on April 5, 2019:

The very talented German born Mirko Hirsch who does it all including, producing, singing, & songwriting is on lead vocals on this outstanding new generation Italo disco gem. Mirko's powerful vocals are flawless on all three fantastic remixes here on this AMD Records 12" release (vinyl is colored with magenta & aqua blue). Bouncy dance beats, glide over swirling synths & bright melodies.The chorus is completely hypnotic with numerous lyrical hooks abounding at every turn. This is a solid follow up to Mirko's recent hit, "Midnight Affair" (also available on 12" vinyl on AMD records).


A1Alone (Italo Disco Remix)

B1Alone (Maxi Remix)

B2Alone (The Long Dream Edit)

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