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Bunny X - Stay - 12” Hot Pink vinyl. 150 copies only. Ships out 2/14/2019

---Shipping starts February 14th, 2019--- Bunny X​ from New York city are entering 2019 stronger than ever with their new vinyl maxi single, entitled "Stay" and I feel very honoured to announce that it will be released by Fresh colour music​! Tracklist and release info: Side A 1. Stay (Flemming Dalum Remix) 2. Stay (Vincenzo Salvia Remix) Side B 1. Stay (Conrad Kaneshiro Remix) 2. Unknown Places - Limited to 150 copies in transparent magenta vinyl - There will be no repress when it gets sold out - Coming February 14th, 2019 Side A starts with the powerful Flemming Dalum remix, which transforms "Stay" song into a spectacular 6-minute travel to the year 1983, when italo disco was at its first, electro sounding steps! I am also totally in love with the Vincenzo Salvia remix, which offers a more dramatic tone to the song, that reminds me masterpieces like: SAVAGE "Radio", OMD "Souvenir" or even DIUX "Comet" and SAVOIRE FAIRE "Talking To The Stars"! B Side is also same exciting, with the special and dreamy, down tempo Kaneshiro remix and one "outter-space" song called "Unknown Places", which puts a very unique and "out of this world" ending to the record!

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