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Recent vinyl releases...

Happy holidays everyone! Thank you for a wonderful year here at and AMD Records.

Just a little updates on stocks if anyone is still interested in purchasing ...

AMD 057 - Apolo - Kiss Me Tonight - 12" Yellow vinyl. This was a co-release with Fresh Colour Music in Greece. Our stock is very limited right now and only a few copies left for sale. Grab it while you can! For our European customer, don't miss out on this edition of yellow vinyl, you still can purchase this record from Pick up some their other very limited while you are there!

AMD 064 - Ric-O Renter - Calling You / Don't Let Me Down - 12" Dookie Brown vinyl. This is another co-release with Fresh Colour Music in Greece. Only a few records in stocks so get them while you still can!! For our European customers , you can purchase this record directly from

AMD 066 - Lenroy - You Are The Girl / Give Me A Night - 12" Ultra clear vinyl. We are so happy to announced we are down to a few copies left!!

********************** Iventi d'Azzurro **********************

We will have their latest releases plus some older ones to restock our inventories soon. Keep checking back on our site for the latest updates. Thank you.

********************** Fresh Colour Music *******************

The highly anticipated release of Elen Cora - Irresistible - 12 " Mint Blue vinyl was sold out from our store very quickly. If some of you who missed it and want it, please email and let us know so we can try to get it for you from our friend, Fresh Colour Music.

Thank you,

David L.

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