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AMD Records October scheduled releases

We are happy to announce the new releases for October 2018. It will be a very busy month for us here at AMD Records as we proudly presents to you the following scheduled releases:

AMD 057 - Apolo - Kiss Me Tonight - 12" Silver color vinyl. 100 copies only!!! This is a co-release with Fresh Colour Music (Greece). This is a very special release and its only for sale on our site. Pre-orders will start soon. Tentative release date : October 17 , 2018

Side A:

Apolo - Kiss Me Tonight (Extended Mix)

Side B:

Apolo & Luzan - I've Been Waiting For You (Original Mix)


AMD 054 - Tiziana Rivale - Open Up Your Heart - 12" Yellow vinyl. 150 copies only!!! This is a co-release with L9 Records (USA). Many thanks to Marek Kolodynski for his help in finally releasing this beautiful song on vinyl for the first time. Tentative release date : October 19, 2018

Side A:

1. Mirko Hirsch Remix 2018

Side B:

1. Digimax NRG Mix

2. Reconstructed Original Mix


AMD 055 - Mintaka - Amando Sin Hablar - 12" Clear vinyl. 150 copies only!!! This is a co-release with Vinyl & Music (Mexico). These Hi-NRG tracks will leave you wanting for more. Tentative release date : October 23, 2018

Side A:

1 Mintaka - Amando Sin Hablar (Extended Wow! Rmx)

Side B:

B1 Mintaka - Siempre Serás Tan Igual (Extended Wow! Rmx)

B2 Mintaka - Lo Puedo Hacer Sin Ti (High Energy Wow! Rmx)


AMD 059 - Victor Ark feat. Linda Jo Rizzo - 12" Pink vinyl. 100 copies only!!! What a collaboration of these two fantastic Italo artists bringing old style italo disco song in 2018! Its on vinyl for your listening pleasure. Tentative release date : October 26, 2018

Side A:

1. Just An Illusion (Italo Disco 12” Remix)

Side B:

1. Just An Illusion (Italo Disco 7” Remix)

2. Just An Illusion (Party Radio Mix)


AMD 058 - Mirko Hirsch - Midnight Affair - 12" Yellow vinyl. 150 copies only!!! This is a co-release with L9 Records (USA). One of the most talented New Generation Italo Disco artist is back with this brand new track. These songs are catchy and perfect for the dance floor, reminiscing of 80s Italo band like Radiorama. Tentative release date : October 31, 2018

Side A:

1. Midnight Affair (Maxi Version)

Side B:

1. Number One (Extended Version)

2. Dancer In The Rain

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