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Delayed from the vinyl manufacturer for AMD 046, AMD 049, AMD 050, & AMD 051

We apologized for the delay in these releases. Unfortunately the vinyl manufacturer sent us the wrong informations for the scheduled releases. In fact, the only titles available were Joy Peters - A Star in Heaven and Lisa G - Call My Name. For those who preordered the other titles such as AMD 046 , AMD 049 , AMD 050 and AMD 051, we will ship those out to you as soon as possible. Again the affected titles are:

AMD 046 - Air Mail - Flash In Your Mind

AMD 049 - Naomi - Summertime In Your Heart

AMD 050 - Naomi - Fire In My Heart

AMD 051 - Neon Music - I Love Success

Prepaid postages with tracking were emailed to those who have preordered those titles. Please disregard the tracking number. A new one will be emailed out once the records comes in from the manufacturer. We hope to have some updates for you this week. Thank you again for your patience and understanding.

- David Lin

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