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New releases from AMD Records available now....

AMD Records just keep churning out records after records.. The latest installments are :

AMD 037 - DJ's Project - Vision Of Love - 12" Milky Clear vinyl. - 100 copies only. The Cyan blue vinyl quickly sold out here in the USA and Mexico when it first came out. Now, the milky clear vinyl will be sold out as fast so get your copy here. There will be no more repress after this one is gone.

AMD 040 - DDR Space Program - Muscle Beach - 12" ep. Aqua blue vinyl - 100 copies only. This is the side project from Danny Swinger, the other half of Carino Cat. If you love Space Synth like we do here at Italo Disco NYC, you will love this release! Get it fast because it will not be around for too long at only 100 copies only. No repress!

AMD 042 - ISO OMENA - The Prisoner - 12" Bone white vinyl - 100 copies only. I'm telling you, these Carino Cat are very talented. This is Andy Sandy's side project with the very talented Daniel Carlson from NYC. This is how old school italo disco sound sounded best! Again this one will go fast and will be a collector's item for sure. Its 100 only and no repress!

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