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Ocean Wings - Customers who pre-ordered

Today I received the long awaited package of Ocean Wings - Loving in the Snow from ZYX in Germany. Unfortunately the sounds and the many skips on the vinyl was just so bad that I can not put it up for sale. I emailed ZYX about these issues and let's hope they will step up and resolved these problems.

Back in November 2017, I had emailed ZYX in Germany to let them know that AMD Records was interested in reissuing this beautiful track from them. It took awhile before someone from A&R got back to me and said that the archive was too far for them to go dig it out , blah blah blah... Then in January 2018, I get an email saying that ZYX will do this reissue themselves and thank me for my idea. Either way, I was just happy that it was going to be released again. This morning I finally received 45 copies of this beautiful track on vinyl and was so disappointed with the sounds and the many skips on this vinyl. I will continued to propose the idea of AMD Records reissuing it because we can do a better job with the vinyl mastering. I will keep everyone posted on any updates.

We will make a full refund if ZYX will not remedy the problem ASAP.

Thanks again everyone for your support!

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